Monday, April 10, 2017


Pardon the lack of posting there...
Talmage had Spring Break last week and Sam was out of town for the first part of the week,
so we had adventures all week long...
we visited my grandparents,
stopped by the Payson temple,
dropped by the Bean Museum and the BYU Creamery,
had a game night and sleepover at my parents' house,
toured Welfare Square,
went swimming at an indoor wave pool,
visited the aviary,
and spent a day playing with cousins.
And that was all prefaced by a fantastic Conference Weekend!

Now we're back to normal life...
and it just so happens that I love normal life!
Tonight I burst out laughing when Sam told me the bread I made for dinner was "so good it's illegal in California." Maxwell has learned how to climb up the stairs, we are planning our garden, family reunions are on the horizon, spring is in full swing, and I'm one happy girl.
This is such a joyful, busy stage of life, and I can't get enough.

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