Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On Being Spontaneous

They basically dictate my life.
I have schedules for the days of the week--assigned days for outings with the boys, library day, grocery day, stay-at-home day, errand day...
I have schedules that delineate when I get ready, when I prepare meals, when I read scriptures, when I update our budgeting spreadsheet, when I fold laundry, and even when I read to the boys.
I have household chores assigned to each day of the week.
I have certain breakfast and lunch menus assigned to particular days of the week and I write out a dinner calendar each month.
I put my babies on a feeding schedule from day one,
and I try to work out a sleep schedule as quickly as possible.

And I could go on for a while.
I simply crave order and predictability.

And yet, motherhood is very seldom predictable.
It has been a long-time goal of mine to stick to my written schedules more fully...
but somehow I'm not able to schedule diaper blowouts, sick children, emergency laundry loads, and spilled smoothies.
And I have to fight frustration because of it.
My days are almost never as schedule-oriented as I plan for them to be.

I'm trying to be a little more spontaneous--
to do things even when, according to my schedule, it isn't time to do them yet.
A couple of weeks ago Lincoln asked me to help him with the breastplate/cape combination he wanted to wear...which had a big 'T' on it for 'Talmage,' because Talmage and Wesley got them for their birthdays a couple of years ago and I had never made one for Lincoln.
So right then and there, I abandoned my to-do list and set out to make Lincoln a breastplate/cape of his own.
He was so excited that afternoon when I finished it and he proudly wore his 'L' around the backyard,
frolicking with his brothers in his newfound heroic acts.

So while I don't think I'll ever abandon my schedules
(they help me be so much more productive and achieve something approaching balance in life),
I am trying to recognize those times when I need to abandon the schedules and lists
and embrace the spontaneity of motherhood.

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