Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A New Chapter

Last Tuesday was such a GREAT day.
After an Associate's Degree (Computer Engineering),
a Bachelor's Degree (Molecular Biology),
a PhD (Cancer Biology),
and a postdoctoral fellowship combined with a Master's Degree (Biomedical Informatics),
Sam defended his FINAL thesis!
(And he passed with flying colors!! One guy on his committee said they should have given him another PhD instead of a Master's...)

Sam joked that maybe he should get an MBA now...
what will we do with school behind us?!?
It still seems a little surreal.

As I listened to his Professor talk about how he is the best scientist she has ever worked with
and I listened to other acquaintances give him accolades,
I felt an increase in appreciation for his hard work.
I sometimes take it for granted when he comes home completely exhausted--physically and mentally--
I know he works hard, but since he doesn't tell me about the compliments co-workers give him,
sometimes I fail to appreciate it fully.
It was so neat to be able to see his hard work pay off!
We celebrated with his lab afterwards at a local Mexican place.
I was so happy when we picked up the kids that even Lincoln throwing up in the car on the way home couldn't ruin my good mood.

Yay for the beginning of a new chapter of life!


  1. Hooray for no more school!! I'm so happy for you!!!

  2. Please tell Sam I am so proud of him. I always knew he had a brilliant mind and a gentle soul. I am so happy for all of you because now you will have more time together. Congratulations!

    How is Lincoln doing?

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Lincoln is doing great! He's a little ball of energy and enthusiasm. :)


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