Saturday, February 25, 2017


A few recent phone pictures from daily life lately:

Lincoln was so excited to start Sunbeams this year, and his brothers were pretty thrilled for him, too!

 I finally caved at the beginning of 2016 and got a Costco membership. Our monthly trips are always an adventure! A lady recently commented on the boys' good behavior and I told her, "They know they have to be good if they want to get the next sample!" My children are highly motivated by samples. Too bad the sample tables can't become a fixture at our house.

 The day before Groundhog Day, we went to the nature center where they were doing a presentation and some activities about groundhogs. It was an extremely cold outing, but the boys had fun regardless. And Talmage had early out, so he was able to go with us!

Sam has been reading the boys the Narnia series. One Friday night we didn't have a date night planned, so we built a blanket fort that covered the living room and the boys camped out inside while Sam read to them.

 I try to take the boys on a weekly "field trip," but sometimes I'm scraping the bottom of my idea barrel when it's winter and I want activities to be free and then we go to City Creek and the boys play on the dinosaurs at the food court. And because I hate spending money, I buy one smoothie and split it between three cups...

It's been a busy, productive day...and now it's ten minutes before midnight and I know my alarm will be going off at 6:00 in the morning, so I suppose I'll leave it at that for now.
Happy Sabbath, dear readers!

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