Tuesday, February 21, 2017


There are a few relatively common things we've never done as a family.
Sam and I have never gone shopping together for clothes for me.
The boys have never gone to a movie theater (besides the IMAX once).
We've never spent a night away from our kids.
We've never had a pet.
And, until Martin Luther King Day, we had never taken the boys to go bowling.
There was a local place having a family deal, so we decided to take advantage and celebrate the time off together by bowling. (It's so great to have Sam around more on holidays more now! Grad school has definitely helped me not take time together for granted.)
We all had a great time and watching the boys heave their heavy balls brought a smile to my face.

A few years ago, I watched a home video of Sam with his siblings when he was about 9 or 10.
They were bowling, and I found it really amusing that the expression on his face stayed exactly the same whether he got a gutter ball or a strike. While his sisters were cheering with gusto, his expression said, "A strike only meant I met my expectation. Nothing more." And if his ball didn't do so well, that same expression (with perhaps a bit more tension in his jaw) was one of suppressed frustration and focus so he could do better on his next turn. It was so fun for me to see that side of him as a child and then to see how a modified version of those thoughts still exists.

Yay for bowling!

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  1. Bowling is awesome! The boys looked like they enjoyed it!


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