Monday, January 30, 2017


Today Talmage came home from school and told me he had gotten a book from the library,
but he didn't think I would like it.
He explained that the book was a little bit violent and asked if I wanted him to stop reading it.
I told him that I trusted him to make the right decision in a case like that,
and I encouraged him to think about how the book made him feel and then decide whether or not it was okay.

He thought for a moment,
and then told me he wasn't going to read it anymore.

It's so hard to let go and trust kids to make the right decisions on their own--
whether it's an issue of choosing clothing in the morning,
crossing the street safely by themselves,
or choosing their friends.

But there is almost nothing in the world as gratifying as seeing them do the right thing
after you've released the reins.

I'm so grateful we've been given this boy to be our "guinea pig"
as we try to figure out parenting.
Sometimes I feel like if our kids turn out okay it will be in spite of me instead of because of me,
but one way or the other, he is setting a wonderful course thus far.

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