Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Not Quite Picture Perfect

I had hopes of getting the perfect Christmas card picture at a local nursery in the midst of the Christmas trees.
I called ahead, got permission, and picked out outfits.
Sam was swamped with work, so I decided the picture would just be of the boys and I would take them by myself.
We headed out and it was pouring down rain...and had been all morning.
In Utah, the rain doesn't usually last for more than a few minutes, so I was surprised but not deterred.
I figured we could take pictures in just a couple of minutes and the boys could handle the wetness and cold for a little bit.

We got to the nursery and the entrance to the Christmas trees was blocked off.
Thinking that perhaps I needed to go around a different way, I entered through a truck entrance and began to drive through a muddy quagmire toward the trees.
And then our van got completely STUCK in the mud.
Tires were spinning, mud was being flung all over the car, and we were a good 5 minute walk from any people. I was going to be so embarrassed if we had to slosh our way through the mud and cold (I didn't even bring coats for the boys!) and recruit someone from the nursery to pull us out.
I guess the entrance was blocked off for a good reason!

And so, gripping the steering wheel tightly, I began to pray.
And mercifully, the tires gripped semi-solid ground and we were able to slowly, carefully, make our way back to the asphalt.
I told the boys how thankful I was that we had gotten out and I told them that I had been praying.
"Me TOO!" exclaimed Wesley.

And then we headed to a local grocery store to visit Santa.
We had four different Santas in our ward in Texas, and I am now really hard to please with Santas--
they had the jolliest faces and full, bushy, real white beards!
The boys were happy, though, and content to wait in line for 30 minutes for their 30 seconds with the man in red.
I took a quick shot of the three oldest boys in front of a pine tree by the store to see if that would work, but grocery store parking lots aren't the most picturesque, so I didn't even bother to get one with Maxwell in it.

When we got home I half-heartedly tried for a picture in front of the Christmas tree,
but the rain made it so dark outside that the light was next to impossible for me to work with.
Life may not always be picture perfect,
but sometimes it can be perfect without the picture.
You know?

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