Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Meadows and Charming Houses

This past weekend was simply magical.
Moment after moment seemed to slap me in the face with beauty and leave me reeling with JOY.

I got the kids ready for bed early on Friday evening and gave them a quick dinner,
so shortly after Sam got home we could put them down for bed an hour and a half early with a laptop playing a movie (the boys were thrilled to have a movie night in their bedroom!),
and then we started our date night with dinner next to the Christmas tree,
twinkling with clear lights
and decked out with snowflakes and ornaments that were used for our wedding reception decorations.
We spoke of the near future
and made plans and dreamed a bit
as we ate dinner and laughed at Maxwell's gummy smiles.

And then my sister came and stayed with the boys
while Sam and I picked up flavored hot chocolate (Nutella for me, cookie dough for him)
and walked up and down some snowy streets in one of the most charming parts of town
where the houses that line the streets look like they stepped out of our favorite Dickens novels.
We sipped our cocoa and admired lights and I squealed over the most adorable old-fashioned playhouse that was completely decorated for Christmas--electric lights lining the eaves and everything!

The next morning, we loaded up the kids and headed out to an area near Evanston, Wyoming, to choose a Christmas tree--a real one to fill with kids' ornaments to add to our pretty artificial one.
It's fun to have two trees,
but mostly we just wanted to give the kids the experience of hunting for our tree in the snow.
We found our perfect tree, the boys and Sam cut it down, and we tied it on our car and headed home.
(So worth the two hour drive!)
And then we covered it with lights and read one of our nightly Christmas storybooks in its glow
before tucking the boys into bed.

And then we enjoyed a glorious Sabbath filled with songs of the season and inspiring words at Church.
To top it all off, we heard beautiful music and teachings of prophets
as we munched caramel popcorn while watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

Life tends to be somewhat chaotic a good deal of the time right now.
If you didn't realize, let me tell you that four little boys have a lot more energy than their parents,
especially when the baby thinks sleeping is overrated.
But then these moments come along and fill me with joy and peace that surpass all understanding.

Life is simply sublime.

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  1. This is such a beautiful story, Kaitlyn. I often live my life vicariously through you, Sam, and the boys. I have been dealing with a LOT here with my health. You can read about it on FB. I can seriously use some prayers from my favorite family. I am so happy that you are all back in this beautiful part of the country. My love to all...


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