Monday, November 21, 2016

Kindness Wins: The Story of the Peaches

This week on Facebook, I'm joining my sister in posting a story of kindness toward me each day to help counter the negativity that is abounding right now.
I've been quiet on the blog lately as I've been trying to finish up my list of projects and complete Christmas preparations which will allow me to fully enjoy the season without stress.
But this week, I thought I would post the stories I'm sharing on Facebook.
Because in the end, kindness wins.

A few years ago, peaches were on sale at my favorite ghetto grocery store for 49 cents/lb! I decided it was the perfect opportunity to can them and went to the store intending to buy 100 lbs.
I always caused a scene when I would buy produce to can at Texas grocery stores. Like the time I bought 20 pineapples--"I thought, 'Is she having a party?'" one lady quipped. Many others stared or asked what I was doing with so many.
Or when I bought 150 pears and one man sized up my cart, my 8 months pregnant self, and little Talmage and drawled, "Whoa. That's a lotta apples! Are you gonna preserve 'em?"
In any case, I went to the store prepared to deal with a lot of funny remarks. But as I filled one plastic bag with peaches and discovered it weighed only 3 lbs, I realized it was going to take a long time and a lot of cart space to gather 100 lbs of peaches. So I approached an employee working in the produce section and asked if I could buy a case or something since I wanted to buy 100 lbs. He told me I could, but I would just need to come to the back of the store with him so he could write down my information and order them for me.
Since I no longer had a need for the bag of peaches I had gathered, I dumped them back on the shelf and followed the man to the back of the store, gave him my information, and started to push my cart away.
Suddenly I felt a hand grab my arm and turned to see a sweet, little, old white-haired lady staring up at me. She pressed a crumpled dollar bill and 4 quarters into my hand and said discreetly, "You go get those peaches you put back."
I stared at her in confusion for a moment before it dawned on me that she thought I couldn't afford the peaches! I laughingly explained the situation and how I was actually buying 100 lbs of peaches. She gave me a knowing smile, nodded, patted my hand, and said again, "You go get those peaches you put back," before walking away to finish her shopping.
"Thank you!" I called after her. And then I turned around, filled another bag with peaches, and presented her offering as payment.
Although her $2 donation was unnecessary, her sweetness brightened my day and my heart was filled with the recognition that people are truly good.
People are good.

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