Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Temple Tour

The day after my due date was a Sunday,
and I was desperately feeling the need to get out of the house with the kids after Church.
So Sam suggested that we go on a family drive to see many of the temples in Utah.
We built temples and scenes from scripture stories out of Legos while Lincoln napped,
and then we headed down to Provo to begin our tour.

We weren't able to fit in as many as we had hoped--we were planning to visit at least 8 temples, but bedtime crept up on us more quickly than we anticipated--but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to three beautiful temples!
It was the perfect way to bring peace to my anxious heart.
We are so blessed to live close to so many of these amazing places!
I'm sure we'll have a Part 2 to our temple tour soon.

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