Thursday, September 22, 2016

Summer Fun

I know I keep saying it,
but I am so amazed by the increase of energy that comes when I am no longer pregnant.
I feel like I let summer slip by without doing much out of the house,
and now that Talmage misses out on most of our outings, that thought makes me sad.
But I have to remind myself that we did go swimming almost every week,
we went to Bear Lake,
we went on some easy hikes,
we had lots of fun in the backyard,
and we did some simple outings like:

-getting snowcones on my birthday

 -going to a super fun park with an awesome zipline and the best hill for rolling

-going to Hill Aerospace Museum the day before my due date

(Wesley was so excited to see an airplane with "Joej" on it and wanted us to send this picture to Uncle "Joj!")

-and mini-golfing at a nearby park

I miss having my kids with me all day long.
The adjustment to first grade has been much harder for me than it has been for Talmage.
But we are slowly getting used to the new schedule,
and he loves his time away.
He's already gotten to go on two fun Fall field trips!

I'll just keep looking forward to next Summer which I plan to pack full of fun activities
while also being better about giving my kids lots of chores to do.
Sam and I keep talking about how we hope we can find a farmer to hire these boys when they are teenagers.
We want them to learn to work hard!

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