Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rainbow Pollution

Yesterday we went for a hike, and as we looked out over the valley,
I noticed the disgusting pollution trapped below us.
The air quality usually isn't that bad when it isn't winter, but I could see a clear line!

Tonight I looked out the window and noticed a strange orange-ish color lighting everything outside as the sun went down.
The clouds were so creepy--almost apocalyptic--and I wondered what was going on to create such an unusual effect.
I walked outside to see what color the sunset was, and I was met with the most amazing double rainbow.
I quickly called to the boys to come and see,
and soon their shouts echoed up and down the street as they took in the beauty of the sky
and pranced around in the falling raindrops.

I think the rainbow was created in part because of the pollution.
And I suppose there is an application there for me, too--
I grow increasingly alarmed as I see what my children are going to encounter in their lives
and sometimes it's hard to not panic and to be willing to let go.
But maybe the "pollution" around them will encourage them to be even stronger in their beauty
and morality.

And maybe I can become stronger because of it, too.

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