Friday, September 23, 2016

Pepper Pickin'

I've had to come to terms with the fact that Talmage will miss out on many of our outings.
For years now, I've tried to take the kids on a weekly "field trip."
And since I teach piano lessons in the afternoons, it just doesn't work to have Talmage come with us most times.
But, as my sister pointed out, he got almost 7 years of it, and my other kids will get the same thing.
So, onward we go.

Yesterday we visited a U-Pick farm for our field trip,
and we had a delightful time picking peppers!
They were a great price, too, so we came home with a bushel to chop and freeze!
Lincoln and Wesley loved spotting the red ones,
looking them over for cracks,
and then picking them and putting them in the box.
It was a lovely morning at the farm!

Happy Friday, and Happy FALL!!!



  1. Those are some beautiful peppers. It is so good for children to go out into a garden and pick the veggies. They all need to learn about growing their own food at an early age. Looks like the boys had fun doing it. Maybe you need to plant, with their help, a mini garden in your back yard so they can learn from start to finish.

  2. darling! picking ANYTHING is my favorite!


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