Friday, September 16, 2016

Maxwell's Blessing

Maxwell was blessed on September 4.
His daddy gave him such a tender blessing.
It is such a beautiful thing to see a circle of men surrounding a tiny infant with love as the babe is blessed, looking ahead to a wonderful life.

My grandpa is named Max.
We had considered the name Maxwell for our other boys, but it never seemed like the right name,
but it was on my mind from the beginning of this past pregnancy.
I just felt like it was his name.
Then my cousin had a sweet baby boy and named him Maxwell (also after my grandpa) and I thought we better name him something different--
but try as we might, we could not come up with another name that felt right.
I'm grateful to my cousin, who was super sweet about it all, and we (obviously) ended up still naming him Maxwell.
My grandpa is such an amazing person--I was thrilled he was able to be a part of the blessing,
and I told him I hope our Maxwell grows up to be just like him.
He is getting a pretty good line-up of posterity named after him!

Maxwell's middle name is Joseph, which is a common name in both Sam's and my family lines.
Sam and his brother Joseph were very close as they grew up,
so it was also wonderful to have him be a part of Maxwell's blessing.
(Wish I had snagged a picture of the two of them as well!)

I'm so thankful we were able to celebrate our 4th boy with our loved ones,
and I'm grateful he has such an amazing heritage behind him!

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  1. Sometimes I find it difficult to fully express myself, and this is one of those times. As I read your blessing story, my heart swelled with so much love for all of you, even your Grandfather. Being that I have had the blessing and honor of knowing, you, Sam and the boys, I have been able to witness the beauty of a family that has been raised in the gospel and followed the teachings. I was raised in a way that was so opposite to your's, so I can really see how much the gospel brings into our lives. I want to thank you and Sam for being such great examples to your children and all who know you. Kiss the boys for me. I love all of you!


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