Monday, September 5, 2016

Cecret Lake

Early Saturday morning,
we woke up the kids and loaded everyone into the car and headed up Little Cottonwood Canyon
to hike up to Cecret Lake.
The brisk temperatures delighted Sam, who has been looking forward to winter since, ohhh, about April.
The leaves are already starting to change colors up the canyon!
And we may have listened to Christmas music on our drive.

The boys discovered new things they wanted to "explore" about every 50 yards, so our hike was very slow going,
but Sam and I laughed and decided we needed to focus more on the journey than the destination.
We eventually made it up to the lake and, after a brief stop there, we headed back.
On our way home, we stopped at Hector's, the most amazing Mexican drive-thru you can imagine.
My sister introduced me about a year and a half ago after an evening of skiing,
and after I took Sam there he became another loyal fan.
We've since brought several others into the fan club and we savor every bite each time we stop by!
(I recommend the carne asada burrito!)

A morning in the mountains, surrounded by the ones I love, fills me with energy and enthusiasm.
The mountains are one of the greatest things about living in Utah.

Happy Labor Day to you!
It's also Lincoln's 3rd birthday--he's been looking forward to it with great excitement for weeks. We'll be celebrating together today!


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  1. What a beautiful place! Amazing pictures of all of you and the mountains.


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