Friday, September 9, 2016

A Morning Walk

Most weekdays,
after we get Talmage on the bus,
we head out for a brisk morning walk.
Lincoln sits in the stroller,
I carry Maxwell in the baby carrier,
and Wesley rides the best trike ever that my brother gave us.
(He's almost independent on a 2-wheeler, but we're still practicing with it!)
This trike can get some pretty good speed, so I enjoy speed-walking while Maxwell sleeps curled up in his carrier and Lincoln chatters happily in the stroller as the sun creeps over the mountains.

Our week has been filled with Maxwell's blessing, Lincoln's birthday celebration, a Labor Day picnic in the mountains, and canning peaches.
I'm so glad it's Friday--
I feel like I hardly see Talmage anymore and it motivates me to make better use of the weekends with him!
Enjoy your weekend!

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