Monday, August 29, 2016

Maxwell's Newborn Pictures

I've taken newborn photos for a couple of people,
so I thought I knew what I was doing when I set things up to take some of my own when Maxwell was just about a week old.
Unfortunately he was super agitated and it was a rather exhausting couple of hours.
But we still caught a few sweet shots.
And now here we are, 2 1/2 weeks later, and he has already changed so much!

-He is starting to wake up more and occasionally smile and I overflow with joy every time.
-He eats every 3 hours pretty much on the dot. My babies crave schedule just as much as their mama, it seems.
-He isn't quite as spitty as some of my other babies have been, but he really struggles when he is laid flat. When he is having a hard time sleeping in his cradle at night, I almost always find him in a puddle. So we elevated one end of his cradle which helps somewhat, but I still spend many nighttime hours cuddling him on the couch. It's a good thing I can't get enough newborn cuddles!
-He is pretty content as long as he is fed and swaddled. He tends to get agitated when he isn't swaddled, so he spends most of his time wrapped up tightly.
-He loves his swing while it plays the sound of rushing water and he likes car rides as long as he isn't hungry and the car doesn't stop for more than about a minute.
-He LOVES his bath--always gasps with shock when I first put him in the water and then gets so calm and stays calm the rest of the evening.
-He has big, super dark eyes when he is alert. He loves staring at the wall of books in his room.
-He is already growing out of some of his 0-3 month clothes.
-He has his whole family wrapped around his tiny finger!


  1. Darling! His cord was already off?!

    1. Yeah, weird, huh? It fell off really early but if I pulled on it his belly still had an opening that kind of freaked me out. I talked to the pediatrician about it and he put silver nitrate into it to help it seal off. It's always such a relief to be rid of that!

  2. These photo's are amazing! Maxwell has his father's eyes, and even though it is early, I think he looks a lot like Lincoln. You and Sam have made some of the most handsome little boys. How I wish I was there to help spoil them all.


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