Friday, July 15, 2016

The Hike That Tried to be Fun

A few weeks ago, I decided spontaneously to take the kids to Provo.
I figured we could go check out Utah Lake, take some pictures,
hike the Y,
hit the Creamery for ice cream,
and visit my friend Rachel to take pictures of her new little baby girl.

We got a pretty late start, and by the time we got down to Provo it was about lunchtime.
And then we made it to the lake cost $10 for a day pass.
What? I guess I should have done my research to find a place where we could see the lake without actually going into the park. I certainly didn't want to pay $10 for a 20-minute rendezvous,
so we tossed out that plan and headed over to Y Mountain.

By this time, the kids were ready for lunch and it was nearly 100 degrees.
We took a bathroom break and started up the trail.
And after about 50 yards, every boy was really disenchanted with the idea.
As novel as it is to hike to the Y,
the hike has almost no trees and is rather steep for kids.
It's not really the ideal undertaking for a pregnant lady in a dress or three little boys
in the middle of the day in the middle of June.
They were about as happy as the picture below indicates.

And so it was that, after much pleading and coaxing, we made it to the second switchback (out of 10)
and then turned around to get the promised ice cream from the Creamery.
My poor little boys were covered in dirt from head to toe and their faces were beet red as we wove our way through the crowd to stand in the ice cream line.
We savored every bite of our ice cream
and then headed to Rachel's house for a quick photo shoot.

At least the pictures turned out!
The rest of the day was pretty much a flop.

Except the ice cream.
Ice cream is always a success.


  1. Even my tired, hot boys look adorable. The baby is so beautiful! I love her pictures. I guess you could use this unsuccessful outing as a learning lesson, in that, sometimes life doesn't go as we hoped but there is still good to be found in every day.

  2. Those pictures made me laugh out loud.


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