Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby Brother's Nursery

Here we are.
My due date is tomorrow and our little boy seems content to stay put.
At my appointment yesterday I was dilated to 4 cm,
but I have dilated early in the past as well so I'm trying to not put much stock in it.
As difficult as these final days of pregnancy are,
I'm trying to keep busy and my three boys certainly help me with that!

Our bags are packed,
the freezer is filled with an ever-growing number of meals,
the carseat is installed and the car is clean,
diapers, wipes, and clothes are ready,
and the nursery is essentially finished (although he'll sleep in a cradle in our room for the first while).

Putting his nursery together has been a fun project.
I love that it includes elements from various family members
and the bright, calming feel has made it a place we all like to be.
The boys love bringing toys up to play here
or curling up with a book in the rocking chair.

Space constraints in our house also made it necessary to put many of our books in his room.
At first I wasn't sure I would like having a wall of books in the nursery,
but I actually love the feel it gives the room.

Here's hoping I'll soon be rocking a snuggly newborn here
instead of just fantasizing about him!
As Sam observed with great empathy,
"There's something about having a due date in the past that makes mommy want to, and deserve to, eat ice cream for every meal."

Crib || Given to us by Sam's cousin
Crib Skirt || Amazon
Crib Sheet || Amazon
Mobile || Homemade from felt
Abacus || Homemade from thrift store frame
Dressers || Refinished ones from my childhood (handles from Amazon-such an awesome deal!)
Rocking Chair || Free from online classifieds
Pillow Covers || Homemade (pillows from my sister)
Toybox || Made by my brother in a high school shop class 15ish years ago
Bookshelf Toys || Mostly gifts-sock monkey handmade by Sam's sister, Melissa & Doug toys here, here, and here from grandparents, bead maze from thrift store


  1. I love the nursery! The books do add a lot of character. I am excited with you and can't wait to see the baby and learn his name!


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