Monday, July 25, 2016

A Beautiful Mess

Lately my life looks a lot like this:

And honestly, it can get a bit frustrating.
Having 3 little boys is so much fun--but it is also very exhausting to experience the continual results of their creative minds.
They are constantly building forts out of all the pillows and cushions from the couches,
tracking in mud from their backyard adventures,
leaving bits of cardboard all over the house as they make various creations out of every spare box,
and folding dozens of paper airplanes each day which I find tucked into seemingly every corner of the house.

With my energy at a low point
(did I mention the baby is due in 4 DAYS???)
and an increased desire to have everything clean and orderly for the arrival of little brother,
I have found myself being a bit less patient than usual with the messes.

But I try to remember that the mess is evidence that they are playing happily together.
I try to remember that a productive mess is better than idle cleanliness.
I try to remember that the mess gives them opportunities to work to clean up.
I try to remember that I would miss these messes profoundly if they were suddenly taken from me.
And I try to just let it go and let them be little boys.

And when I can take that step back and really remember
instead of getting caught up in the inconveniences,
I can appreciate the mess.

Because whether or not it's perfectly picturesque, it's a beautiful mess.

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