Sunday, July 3, 2016

36 Weeks

Here we are at last, in baby month!
This little guy is due on July 30, but since all our others were late (Wesley was 10 days late!),
I'm not counting on him actually making his appearance until early August.
I won't be sad if he surprises me, though!

Everything is looking good.
Baby is still measuring a bit big with a healthy, robust heartbeat--just the way we like 'em!
His room is almost finished, the cradle in our room is set up, baby clothes are washed and folded and waiting in his drawers, and I should be able to spend the rest of this month finishing up non-pressing projects, getting meals in the freezer, deep cleaning the house, and continuing to rest a lot!

The boys--especially Wesley--insist on giving him a hug and a kiss each night when I tell them good night.
Tonight Wesley put his face right next to my belly and sang, "I Am a Child of God" to him--just about melted my heart!
Lincoln frequently tells me that the baby is "sooooo cuuuute and tiny!!" as he rubs and kisses my stomach.
I can hardly wait to see their reactions when they finally get to meet their little brother.

My last blood work showed that my platelet levels and iron levels, while still quite low, have stabilized.
That is happy news. We're so glad they're not continuing to drop which could have caused major issues at delivery time!
I find myself wishing I could subsist solely on delicious, refreshing summertime drinks with lots of ice.
And just about everywhere I go, people look at my 3 boys and my pregnant belly and ask if we're having another boy.
When I reply in the affirmative, their responses are varied and rather entertaining.

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  1. I am so excited for all of you. Wish you were still here, although, I am happy that you are back home because I know that is where you need to be and want to be. Knowing you, Sam, and my boys is such a great blessing in my life. If more people were like you, this world would be a heaven on earth. My love to all 6 of you... XXXXXXOOOOOO


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