Thursday, June 9, 2016

Slow Down

Whenever I'm pregnant, I worry about the toll pregnancy takes on the whole family.
I especially have worried about the kids and their well-being when, for so long, their mom is completely exhausted and unable to do things quite the way they would usually be done.
Just tonight Talmage prayed that Mom "wouldn't fall asleep on the job."
For the past 7 months, I think I've kind of been in "survival mode."
While I always appreciate the time with my kids,
I've been more focused on making it through the day than really cherishing the little moments.

But recently, those feelings have come rushing back with full force.
I've been wishing I could slow time down and, in some ways, that I could stay in this phase forever.
I feel I've especially been given empathetic eyes for my children lately.
My cousin posted this article I really enjoyed about the challenges of being a child.
I've been seeing their frustrations in a new light,
better understanding the tantrums and the desire for control,
and feeling more compassion for them in general.

I'm so grateful for the reminders I'm given to just "slow down" and appreciate today.
This song has been played repeatedly at our house over the last little while!

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