Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Simple Summer Bucket List

As this summer began,
I asked the boys if they had any activities they hoped to do before the baby is born.
They were eager to give me ideas--
and I was grateful their proposals were things like
go on a picnic,
get snowcones,
go on a hike,
and draw with sidewalk chalk.
We drew up our list and have gradually been accomplishing their goals.

The fact that it takes so little to make these boys happy is yet another reason why I often long to keep them small.
And yet, as I've become an adult, I've grown to appreciate life's simple pleasures all over again.
It's one of the great things about having children--you get to experience childhood again, in a way.

And so it is with joy that I draw on the driveway, lick popsicles, read picture books, and play "Guess Who?"
Here's to the continuation of simple, summer happiness.

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