Saturday, June 4, 2016

32 Weeks

Today marks 32 weeks of pregnancy for me!
It is such a relief to be in the 30s...
even though the third trimester is uncomfortable and I feel big and awkward,
it is definitely my favorite.
We're getting so close!

I am feeling pretty well.
A recent blood test showed that I was once again quite anemic, although it hadn't gotten as severe as it did during my pregnancy with Lincoln. Since starting on iron supplements I have had more energy and have mostly gotten rid of the breathless/heart pounding feelings I constantly had.
They also found that for some reason my platelets are really low, which could cause significant problems at delivery.
For now they're just monitoring my levels to see if we need to take action as things progress.
Sam bought me a contraption for Mother's Day that has helped relieve a lot of the pain I was in,
so the next 8-9 weeks (I'm just counting on him being late like all the others) are looking pretty good!
I'm just trying to get lots of rest and whittle down my list of projects to finish before the baby arrives.

The boys are so, so excited!
Lincoln brought me a picture he drew the other day and, when I asked what it was, he said, "It's a card for the new baby!" I just about melted right there. When I asked if he wanted to give it to him, thinking he might lay it on my belly, he looked at me with consternation and said, "No, no, he don't got any hands!" He then said he would give it to him after he was born.
Wesley and Talmage say that when the baby comes they will be too distracted to play with Legos because they will just want to play with him, and they also enjoy proposing ridiculous names for him.
My belly is constantly being hugged, kissed, and patted,
and each time they get to feel the baby's movements they are absolutely delighted.
They constantly pray for him,
and Talmage says they are the luckiest kids in the whole world.
It has been so fun to have them old enough to get excited about the progress!

As a side note, the dress I'm wearing in these photos is hands down the most comfortable thing I own.
I wish I had it in a dozen colors!
And if I said I didn't sleep in it sometimes, that would be a lie.

Here's hoping the next 2 months fly by--we are so anxious to meet this little guy!

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