Monday, April 4, 2016

Little Bits of Life

I often wish I could be a fly on the wall at others' houses,
just to see what their routine is like and to learn from their daily lives.
Sometimes I question whether or not I ought to share so much of our daily lives on this blog,
but then I remember the beauty found in the little moments--
I hope our little moments can serve an uplifting purpose in a world filled with so much negativity
and I desire to preserve these moments through photo and text for my own use and reflection.

And so it continues.

We enjoyed Spring Break last week, and although we didn't do anything spectacular,
I tried to take the boys on an outing each day.
We visited Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory, went to the children's Church History Museum exhibit, went to tour the Conference Center before General Conference, and went to BYU to enjoy the Bean Museum, the Paleontology Museum, and the creamery (per my boys' request!).
We also went to the DI to pick out an assortment of new books to add to our library, something we enjoy doing on a regular basis!
Sam and I enjoyed a pottery class date night my sister gifted us for Christmas--it was totally amazing! I am so excited to get our finished pieces back.

We are so glad the weather is warming up because it means a return of backyard sports.
Yesterday evening Sam took the boys in the backyard and began acting out scripture stories with them.
Talmage came running inside to grab his bow to use as a prop and breathlessly gave me an excited summary of their activity.
As he grabbed his bow and turned to run back outside he exclaimed,
"I'm so glad I have a dad to play with me!!! I am so lucky!"

Life has been pretty routine lately,
but the routine is completely exquisite when I allow it to be.
Here are a few snapshots of our daily life:

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  1. So fun! I need to pick your brain for fun outings to take with Bensen this summer. I'm dubbing Fridays "Fun Friday" since I'll have them off again in a month. I don't know what all kids his age would enjoy other than the zoo, playing in the pool in our backyard, etc.


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