Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Union Station Museum

The spring sunshine is finally here,
and I don't think I've ever been so grateful for it!
Our outings have decreased drastically since Talmage started Kindergarten.
Somehow, it's really difficult to get ready, make it out the door, spend time on an adventure, and make it home in time to eat lunch before the school bus arrives.
We've spent most of the winter at home,
but the spring sunshine brings with it renewed motivation to be intentional with my time and my family,
so last week we headed out to explore the Union Station Museums.

There are some pretty impressive train displays to see outside,
and 4 museums indoors,
including the cowboy and western heritage museum, the Browning firearms museum, the classic car museum, and the railroad museum.
We spent most of our time exploring the railroad museum and enjoying the fascinating tours of the hospital car and the mail car. Ever read "Seven Little Postmen?" The mail car depicted in the story is true-to-life! I've always wondered!
The mail was sorted on train cars all day and all night and as the train approached a city, a bag would be placed on a hook on the outside of the train. As the train passed another hook, it would be dislodged from the train and wait on the hook for the next step in the process. The floor was made of 12-inch long 2x4s standing vertically to make it softer on one's feet.
The hospital car was a legitimate car from WWII, although most of the bunks have since been removed. It was used to transport wounded soldiers to hospitals.

This week has brought with it a new kind of energy.
My list of completed projects is growing,
and my list of projects to-do is growing as well!
The boys have enjoyed the return of backyard soccer games with their Daddy as the daylight stretches into the evenings.
Plans for more adventures are in the works,
and I am yearning to make the most of these final days when I still have mornings with my entire crew.
I regret that it took the arrival of Spring to set these changes in motion,
but I certainly am grateful it has come at last!

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  1. You are such a great mom! Those kids of yours sure are lucky.


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