Sunday, March 6, 2016

Kid Talk

The kids are constantly saying things that bring a smile to my face.
Here are a few of my recent favorites:

-Talmage: "Wes, a virus is so bad! It gets into a good cell and injects its DNA into it--"
Wesley: "What's DNA?"
Talmage: "I don't know!"
(Overheard when the boys were in bed at night)

-Lincoln: "I'm so MAD, Mommy! I'm so MAD!!!"
Me: "Why are you mad?"
Lincoln: "Because I want to go to the STORE and buy some BALLOONS!"

-Talmage: "The Pacific Ocean is the biggest ocean in the world!"
Wesley: "Except for Bear Lake!"

-Sam went to pick up Lincoln to do something (I think get his pajamas on?) and Lincoln ran away from him shrieking, "No! Nooo! I...I...I need to pick my nose!"

-"Wes, let's pretend we're daddy bugs and we're fighting over the female one!" (Talmage)

-"Mommy!! My nose is not working!" (Lincoln, with a stuffy nose)

-"Your spirit is what's inside of your your bones and your muscles. And your body is your skin." (Wesley)

-We have a CD we often listen to with "Praise to the Man" on it. It's one of Lincoln's favorite songs, but he doesn't quite understand the words so he asks constantly for "Priesthood Man."

-Wesley: "Mom, nothing is bigger than infinity!"
Talmage: "Except love!"

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  1. Haha, the Praise to the Man one cracked me up! I'm looking forward to teaching the song to the kids this year and hopefully getting them all to understand what it's about ;)


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