Tuesday, March 29, 2016

His Entire World

This past Saturday, I was privileged to attend the baby shower of a dear friend of mine from college!
She lives in California and is expecting her first babies--twins!
Another one of our best friends was also there, and together we made a threesome of pregnant women:
(27 weeks, 22.5 weeks with twins, 22 weeks)
(Baby #3, Babies #1/2, Baby #4)

A few days ago, I was laying in bed, struggling to sleep.
As my thoughts whirled around, I considered the fact that I am our unborn baby boy's entire world.
My heartbeat that is his current soundtrack is the same sound that will soothe his first cries when he is laid on my chest immediately after birth.
The hands that stroke my growing, aching abdomen will soon stroke his back when he is sick or in need of comfort.
My muffled voice that he hears all day long will be familiar to him when I sing lullabies to him every day.
My breathing patterns and the movements of my body will be the same when I carry him out of the womb.

And so it is that the challenges of pregnancy become a beautiful framework for the earliest bonding experiences with my baby. We are even now forming a bond together that will reach into the eternities, forever unbroken.
And remembering that gives me strength during the challenges.

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