Monday, March 28, 2016


Our Easter weekend was filled with family time and typical traditions--
dyeing eggs, an Easter egg hunt (involving ancestor stories!), hidden Easter baskets, a traditional Easter dinner, a beautiful church service, and lots of time spent with family--
but when I stop to consider sharing my own thoughts along with thousands of others, I am always left feeling inadequate.
How can I publicly express my gratitude for my Savior without sounding trite?
Indeed, how can I even properly appreciate something I do not fully understand?
And yet, my heart is full.
And I recognize that all of the happiness I enjoy in life comes as a result of these beautiful Easter truths.

Praise be to God for the knowledge that we are never alone,
for the ability to overcome weakness through the help of the Savior,
for the chance to be redeemed of failure,
and for the continually outstretched hand of Jesus Christ.

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