Sunday, January 24, 2016

Washington, D.C. Grandkid Birthday Party

Back before Christmas, my sister flew in from Washington, D.C. and wanted to throw a big birthday party for all of her nieces and nephews since she is not able to be here for their birthdays. She had the great idea to have a Washington, D.C. theme and the kids played pin the top hat on Abraham Lincoln, they did relay races with colonial clothing, they decorated "white houses" for Christmas, they ate flag cake, and they even had a visit from George and Martha Washington!
(Weren't my parents amazing? My mom read a picture book about the white house and my dad had the kids captivated with his telling of the stories of George Washington's heroic deeds and the miracles that took place during the Revolutionary War. And I think that may have been the first (and probably the last!) wig my mom has ever worn in her life!)

Thanks for hosting such a great party, Aunt Breanne! (And Mom, Dad, and Aunt Avalon!)


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