Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Our Reading Routine

I like routine and schedules to a fault.
And by that I mean that if something is not scheduled into our normal routine,
I really struggle to get it done.
And if something throws off our normal routine, I am really unproductive for the whole day.
Doctor's appointment in the morning? I can pretty much count on getting nothing done for the remainder of the day because I feel aimless when my routine is disrupted.

Because of that,
we tend to have a really rigid routine.
Life has taught me that it is unrealistic to expect that we will always stick to it precisely,
but it does provide a basic framework for the day.
Certain chores are assigned to specific days, we plan outings for certain days of the week, I have specific time set aside to spend time doing activities with the kids, and I've recently adopted a weekly schedule of breakfasts and lunches for my kids so I know exactly what to do each day.
I tend to expect the day to go like a well-oiled machine--and it seldom does.
But the closer I stick to my routine, the more productive I am and the more balanced I feel.

A few years ago, life got busy enough that there were days I put the kids to bed and realized that, aside from our scripture reading, I hadn't read to them at all that day.
And that really bothered me.
So, I fell back on my coping mechanism and scheduled it into the routine.
And now, our planned reading happens during our morning "school time,"
while the kids eat lunch,
before nap time (in conjunction with a reading lesson),
and before bed time (chapter book reading along with scripture reading).

Relying so heavily on routine wouldn't work for everyone,
but it's what keeps me sane
and about the only thing I've found that consistently enables me to accomplish what I need to and achieve something that approaches balance in life.

Within the next couple of days, I'll be sharing some of my favorite resources for teaching kids to read.
Stay tuned if you're interested!


  1. I need more routine for reading to Bensen. But my routine is a disaster right now, so I just sit and read to him when I have some time. After school, I'm hoping to make it a nightly tradition because I won't be so rushed and crazed every day!

  2. Thanks for posting! I love routine and schedules, too. Especially for reading. I love the picture. Adorable.


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