Monday, January 4, 2016

Back from the Break and the Bean Museum

That unintended little break over the holidays was due to a host of things--
mainly getting a new computer
(huge cheer! no more waiting 5 minutes for a page to load! no more computer shutting off randomly right in the middle of my work and taking 15 minutes to get going again! no more notices that I can't download what I need because my operating system is too old!)
which has carried with it a lot of good things,
but has also required me to come up with a new system for loading/saving/editing photos (different OS)
and left me needing to transfer over many files.

But the slight inconvenience is so worth it!

In any case, we had a great Christmas and New Year's,
and holiday posts will (probably) come soon.

In the meantime, are any of you Utah people in search of a good winter outing for the little ones?
We are always looking for good, free "field trips,"
a challenge made greater during winter months.
A while back I decided to take my little ones down to BYU to visit the Bean Museum,
a highly understated, amazing venue for the display of hundreds of stuffed animals!
The Bean Museum has been completely re-done since I was a student there, and the displays are pretty impressive. 2 17-foot giraffes greet you in the atrium of the museum, and when I asked I was told that all of the animals displayed in the museum are real...from the liger to the crocodiles.

But I think my favorite part was the new Boyd K. Packer gallery,
featuring hundreds of pieces of his artwork, dating back to his childhood.
That man was a wonder at carving!
His birds are stunning, and as is usually the case with artwork, pictures simply can't do them justice.
We added a lunch-trip to the BYU Creamery to our museum fun (Graham Canyon ice cream, anyone?), and I had lots of fun reminiscing to the kids (and my sister, who came along for the trip) about our memories as we drove around Provo and walked around the BYU Campus.
Goodness, we love that place!

We had a lovely outing,
but I'm already looking forward to our next trip to Cougar Town.
We still need to hike to the Y, take the trail to Stewart Falls, walk through the MOA, and visit my old workplace and former employer!
And we definitely need another Creamery trip.

(Talmage brought along his infrared night-vision spy goggles. Just in case.)


  1. What a cool place!! I'll have to tell my brother he should take a date there :)

    1. Yeah! Hopefully a better date than some of his past ones, huh? :)


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