Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Gap in His Smile

This happened last week.
I'm pretty sure he's not old enough for this,
and I'm definitely not old enough for it!

I was sitting at the kitchen table when Talmage nervously came running up the stairs and said,
"I broke my tooth!"
I said, "What?!" as I looked at him in surprise.
Upon further investigation and explanation, I learned that he had been trying to pry apart two Legos and in the process had pulled his tooth hard enough to make it very wiggly.
And I was surprised to see his permanent tooth making its way through behind his baby tooth!

I told him to leave it and it would probably fall out later in the day or within a couple of days,
but a few hours later it was hurting and bleeding every time anything touched it,
so I told him it he needed to let me pull it out.
My little sweetheart was so apprehensive, and as I reached to pull him onto my lap he said,
"Can I do something first??"
"What?" I inquired.
"Say a prayer!" he replied.

I (obviously) agreed, and he tenderly knelt by the side of the couch and prayed that it wouldn't hurt too much and that it would be okay, and then he calmly and soberly sat on my lap while I gripped his tooth, gave it a solid yank, and popped it right out without a peep from my boy.

Sometimes life's little moments are the most precious.

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