Thursday, January 28, 2016

100% Genuine

I snapped these pictures of Lincoln a while back.
I've been studying a lot about self-acceptance lately in a sincere effort to overcome my many insecurities
(some physical, others not)
and along the way I've concluded that much of the charm and adorable nature of little children
is due to their complete genuineness and comfort with themselves.
Their facial expressions are absolutely natural,
they don't care if their faces are covered with slobber and there is goop running out of their noses,
comparison with others is never on their agenda,
and they delight to see themselves.

In fact, just as I was preparing this post, Lincoln came into the room and saw the pictures of himself and remarked,
"'s Lincoln!" and then stopped to admire the pictures with an enormous smile on his face.

When I was loading the pictures onto the computer, Sam complimented my appearance
and I said, "I guess if Lincoln can be cute with a runny nose and slobber all over his chin, maybe I can be cute, too..."
and Sam responded, "He's cute because of those things!"

So that is why I wanted to capture these moments--
because even though his face was slimy and his hair was unkempt,
he was 100% genuine and his love of life and comfort with himself shines through.

I couldn't resist touching up just one, though, because...really...those eyes!

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