Friday, December 4, 2015

The Peace Christmas Brings (+Traditions)

Christmas time is just so magical with kids!
Each day brings new excitement as they count down the days, marvel at the light displays they see, and enjoy holiday traditions.
In fact, last night as we drove home Talmage declared, "This is the best night of my whole life!"
"Why?" I responded.
"Because of all the lights!!!" he replied with conviction.

I love being able to experience childhood again through their eyes.
Each night, we cuddle up on the couch by the light of the Christmas tree,
and we unwrap a Christmas storybook to read.
I only add a couple of new ones to the collection each year,
but since I keep the books boxed up during the rest of the year they all have a newness about them.
The boys get so excited to open that gift each night.
And then, a quietness descends upon my busy crew,
and together we travel into a magical land through poignant words and stunning pictures.
It's one of the best parts of each day!
This year, we added this book to our collection and have been reading from it each night as well.
I have loved sharing quotes, scriptures, and stories from Christmases past centered on a different value for each night.
And each night, I marvel at the peace that we feel in that moment.
Last night it was so peaceful that my busy 2-year-old even drifted off to sleep in my lap
as he sat transfixed by the lights on the tree.

This is just one of our many Christmas traditions we enjoy.
You can read about many of our other traditions in this post from last year.
I am so grateful for this time of year!

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