Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It seems to happen almost every year.
I start thinking about Christmas in, ohhh, about June.
I start listening closely to conversations to pick up on ideas for gifts,
I start my search for the perfect gifts at the best prices for my kids,
and I work hard to get most of my presents before Thanksgiving to ensure a stress-free holiday season where we are focused on our family traditions and the meaning of the season.

And then, about a week before Thanksgiving,
my brain seems to explode with ideas.
As the Christmas season nears, I suddenly take on too many projects
and my stress-free season falls apart.
I feel torn between creating things I know will make my family happy
and creating family memories with more time and less exhaustion and busyness.

Late last night I sat on the family room floor, immersed in one such last-minute Christmas project,
and I considered how rushed I was
and wondered whether another project I had planned was worth the 50+ hours I knew it would take,
while I knew it would excite my children and bring about more purpose and direction to our celebrations.
And then, in a matter of moments, I let it go.
In fact, I let another pending project go, too.
Because the projects I was pursuing will bring smiles next year, too,
and postponing them will allow me to enjoy and experience their smiles this year
a little more fully.

And there are an awful lot of smiles around here:

Here's to a peaceful holiday season!

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