Thursday, November 5, 2015

October's Anticipation

October is a month of anticipation.
The crisp newness of fall is in the air,
the leaves begin to change colors,
the warm clothing comes out in preparation for winter,
the rapid succession of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is on the horizon,
and the laughter of children fills the air as pumpkin patches are visited,
leaf piles are made,
and corn mazes are explored

In our home, October brings with it additional enthusiasm.
My mind is filled with fond memories of falling in love--walking hand-in-hand in the chilly night air, hiking in the midst of stunning autumn colors, waiting excitedly for every phone call, and anticipating where my relationship with Sam would go.
October made me a mother as Talmage was born on the 11th,
and then those exquisite emotions were brought to the surface once again two years later when Wesley joined our family on the 22nd.
Remembering all of those feelings of anticipation
and experiencing the current feelings of excitement
always brings a special atmosphere to the month of October!

This year, we decided to celebrate Talmage's and Wesley's birthdays together on the 10th with just our own little family. We had additional celebrations with extended family on their actual birthdays, but celebrating their birthdays together made more sense with the gifts they were getting and the timing of everything.

Talmage wanted an anthill cake. Our ants we made actually looked pretty cool, but the colors faded and when we put them on the cake they blended in and pretty much just looked like lines of circles. But he was thrilled, and the cake tasted great, so that's what matters, right?

The boys have loved the fort-building set Talmage got from Grandma Sue!

These alpha-bots are also a big hit. They transform from letters into robots!

Other highlights include:
-Talmage's birthday dinner (twice-baked potatoes, chicken, and chocolate bran muffins)
-Wesley's birthday dinner (cheese quesadillas, avocado pasta, and chocolate bran muffins)
-new Camelbacks for all 3 boys
-new Lego sets, ViewMasters, walkie-talkies, and numerous other little-boy toys
-birthday breakfasts
-continuing tradition of hiding presents
-visiting a new park per Wesley's request on his birthday

Our month of anticipation is over, and now we are headed into our month of togetherness.
I always feel so connected to and grateful for my family during the month of November.
The safety and security of home is magnified as the weather gets cold,
and I find myself enjoying the little moments and reflecting more than ever.

I'm so thankful for the cycles of life that repeat themselves in the same comforting fashion
but that bring variety and excitement to our everyday lives.

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  1. Sounds like a LOT of fun going on in your house...I absolutely love seeing children opening gifts and the excitement on their faces. I love and miss all of you!


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