Monday, October 19, 2015

I Love Mondays

I love Mondays.
It may be strange, but I love diving into a new week with energy and purpose.
On Monday, almost my whole to-do list is completed.
On Monday, we replenish the fridge and the pantry.
On Monday, the house is put back in order after the weekend and our comforting routine begins again.

By Wednesday, my to-do list typically begins to fall apart.
And by Friday, I often don't even have a to-do list because there are enough things I haven't completed during the week that have piled up.
But each Monday...I have a clean slate.

But don't get me wrong--that's not to say I don't love Fridays, too!
This past Friday, Sam and I went to see a delightful concert by the Orchestra at Temple Square.
We listened to the masterpieces of Chopin and Mozart,
enjoyed the intensity of the conductor,
and shared enlightening conversation.

We needed to work out some of the administrative details of our date,
so on Friday morning I sent him the following e-mail:

Respected Sir:

Tonight's gala begins at precisely 7:30 pm, although we are advised to arrive at the location no fewer than 30 minutes prior to the appointed time. Perhaps we could meet with great cordiality on the steep incline directly north of the distinguished conference center near the 6 o'clock hour? You can expect to be presented with nourishing accommodations upon your arrival.

If the arrangements presented herein align themselves with your desires and availability, please respond appropriately to advise me on the arrangements I will hitherto execute.

With all due respect (and love!),
Your Lady

(Just thought we ought to practice being sophisticated for tonight's concert...)

Sam outdid me (as usual!) with his response:

Well haw 'bout that! We goin' to a shinding ta'night! Can't wet ta see ya dear. An' afterwards we can lat up some buffalo chips and have us a good dance ba the far with tha whole train if ya's willin'. Thanks for a'plannin' such maty fine digs!

Love ya with all m'heart,
Sammy boy Junior

That boy makes me laugh so hard.

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