Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Field Trippin'

Today I get to accompany Talmage's class on their Fall field trip!
I think I might be more excited than he is.
I finally get to see his friends he tells me about each day
and connect names with faces!
School still feels a bit like a mystery to me--
I hear bits and pieces about it from him,
but I'd really like to be a fly on the wall for a few days so I could get a feel for how things go
and who different children are.

(Like, since when do kids learn ballet in school and go to dance class in Kindergarten?)

The other day, I was talking to another mom about helping out in his class for an upcoming party.
She told me that Talmage was her daughter's "favorite boy."
She was surprised because she normally favors girls,
so she asked her what she liked about him.
"He has handsome hair," she stated.

Speaking of field trips, here are a few photos from our field trip we took last week to the aviary.
We got to see a bird show with some pretty impressive birds that flew inches above our heads!
The boys loved the black vulture named "Vader."
I'm sure you can imagine why.

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