Sunday, October 4, 2015


We just had a most wonderful weekend enjoying General Conference!
So many talks stood out to me,
but among them were:

-Elder Larry R. Lawrence's talk on "What Lack I Yet?"
-Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on the divinely-given, unconditional love mothers have
-Elder Russell M. Nelson's talk on the need for the continued influence of righteous women in the world

Do you want to hear their messages?
Have you ever wondered what the men are like that we sustain as modern-day prophets?
Are you curious about Mormonism in general?

Check out those talks and many others here!
(Official transcripts, talk titles, and other information will be released within the next couple of days.)
General Conference does SO much to make me a better wife and mother
and renews my personal testimony of Jesus Christ.
The messages are uplifting to any Christ-follower, regardless of your individual religion.

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