Saturday, September 5, 2015

Two Happy Years

We're celebrating this little sweetheart's second birthday today!
Oh, the joy he brings to our is simply inexpressible!

-He loves singing. He can sing many songs and parts of many more, and his favorite books are books that are filled with songs and pictures.

-He has two phobias: hot things and the garbage truck.

-He loves saying, "Watch, Mommy, watch!" (Or Daddy) before he does something he deems totally awesome.

-He is amazingly able. Probably since he is the third child, he has simply figured out how to accomplish tasks in ways that amaze (and sometimes exasperate) us. We have been surprised by the speed at which he learned to open doors, lock/unlock them, open and climb over baby gates, unscrew lids, climb objects, push other objects over to stand on to reach high things, get himself food & drinks, and more. He seems to be a problem solver and sets out to accomplish whatever task he has in mind with determination.

-He is beginning to really grasp concepts of fairness and will readily shout, "HEEEEYYYY!!!" if he feels something is unjust.

-He gets himself into mischief knowingly, but then responds with such sweetness when we tell him to stop. "Okay!" he says with a chipper tone and a smile. Or, on occasion, he says with conviction, "Good boy!" as he does something he knows he shouldn't.

-He loves puzzles and is quite the little master at them!

-He loves chicken, fruit, cheese, and black beans.

-We love how he shouts, "Booyyys! Cuh-bere!" to Talmage and Wesley when he wants them to come. We love how he screams, "Lub you!!!" over and over each day when we drop Sam off at the bus stop. We love how he says, "I did it!" when he accomplishes something. We love how he says, "I wanna circle!" when he wants to stir while I'm cooking. We love how he says, "I'll back," when he means, "I'll be right back." We love how he counts, how he asks us, "See it?" as he points out the window when we're driving, how he asks, "Where's Ta-age?" every time Talmage is at school, and so many more of his little toddler-isms.

-He loves watching the "I Am a Child of God" Mormon Message over and over.

We simply adore him and his happy nature. Sam and I usually discuss the cute/funny things he did each day and laugh together over our "Bobo-Linc," "Linc-Binc," "Roly Poly Rumbly Tumbly," "Wiggly Wompus," "Lincoln Mark" little man.
How blessed we are to have him in our home!

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  1. Lincoln is, without a doubt, such a blessing to this world and all who know him. When I look into his eyes I see a leader, and he will lead with such gentleness that you will ask yourselves, "Is that the little boy that we raised?"


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