Friday, September 4, 2015

Prayer and Mountains

Several months ago, I was introduced to the song "That Mountain" by Charley Jenkins.
I was intrigued by the basic idea of the song--
that sometimes two people are praying for things that directly oppose each other,
but we only see our side of the issue.
We have to put our trust in God, the One who sees it all and knows what is best.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were talking about how sometimes our own prayers contradict one another.
We may pray for humility, but then pray for the trial that will give us humility to be removed.
Ironically, though we fought for our agency before this life,
our prayers are often petitions to God to tell us what to do.
Sometimes we pray for something we think we want, but God knows what we really want,
so He acts with mercy to give us not what we ask for, but what we really want
(like in this case, when my life was saved by something I was praying wouldn't happen).

And so we see that sometimes, when we feel our prayers aren't being answered,
God is actually acting in mercy to bring us happiness
and bless us in the ways we really do want--whether we realize it or not.

As life goes on, I find myself asking less often for certain things to happen,
and more often for traits to be developed and faith to accept God's will,
knowing it will ultimately bring me joy.

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