Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Party Boy

We had a lovely, simple celebration for Lincoln's birthday.
His day began with chocolate chip pancakes,
and that afternoon Sam took the boys to the park.
We ate a picnic dinner in the backyard of some of his favorite foods--
ranch-parmesan chicken tenders, Annie's white cheddar & shells, and pears.

Sam's mom and brother joined us for alligator cupcakes, ice cream, and presents,
and the next day we continued to celebrate with my family.

He was pretty fascinated by his cupcakes!
The frosting was colored with spinach and cocoa,
causing my dad to ask if I put gravy on top of the cupcakes.

He quickly got used to the idea of presents!
At my parents' house the next day, he kept responding "No," to every question we would ask...
just because he likes saying "No."
Finally, my mom asked, "Do you want some presents?"
His face lit up and he said, "Yeah!"

His celebration was just the way I like celebrations to be...
sweet & simple while spending time with loved ones.
Oh, how we love this little 2-year-old!


  1. Oh I'm so excited about the 2nd birthday. ..there's so much more excitement. He is adorable and you did an awesome job with those cupcakes!

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  3. No tissues this time? ;) I love the pictures!

    1. Haha, he'd probably love them just as much or more than he did last year!

  4. My goodness, my boy is growing too fast. I know he doesn't really know me but give his sweet little face a kiss from Aunt Cindy. He is so happy and obviously loved the cupcakes. :)


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