Monday, September 21, 2015


On Friday night, my sister and I hiked Grandeur Peak.
It's a "moderate" level, 6-7 mile hike to the summit and back.
My sister is in great shape and wasn't even breathing hard and didn't need a single water break,
while I trailed along panting an embarrassing amount and stopping every few minutes to guzzle water.
We made it to the top just in time to see the last of the sunset,
and then enjoyed our hike down in the dark--
especially when a skunk darted out of the shadows right in front of us!

I sure hope I can make it back again soon with Sam.

Thanks to Losaunne for showing me a little bit of your world.


  1. Nice sunset pic! It reminds me of those jumping pictures we took like 8 years ago when you and I and Jocilyn hiked to the Y.

    1. I should have credits go to Losaunne and her iPhone. :) And...8 YEARS??? Yikes. That was an awesome night. Especially when Jocilyn wore those toy sunglasses into the Creamery.

  2. Yeah! So fun. Thanks for going with me!


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