Friday, September 25, 2015

Ant Experiment

Last week was dinosaur week, and this week has been bug week!
While bugs are always on the radar of my little boys,
this week their mom willingly jumped in the investigations.
On our science day, we performed an "ant experiment."
We spread lines on a piece of cardboard of 5 different foods:
jam, peanut butter, Magic Shell, brown sugar, and honey.
We then took the cardboard outside and placed it near a crack in the concrete which is frequently home to many ants.

Sure enough, it was only about a minute before ants started pouring out of the crack and heading toward our piece of cardboard. We were all interested to see which food the ants would prefer.
My guess was jam, Talmage's was Magic Shell, and Wesley's was honey.
As it turned out, the peanut butter was by FAR the winner!
It was soon completely covered with ants while the other foods were largely neglected.
There was some very minor interest in the jam and Magic Shell, and almost no interest in the straight sugar or honey.

We kept our cardboard out for several hours, periodically checking on it.
Soon, the surface of the peanut butter was covered in nibble marks from the ants,
and when it was about 75% gone, the ants disappeared.
I'm not sure how wise this experiment was, as we just fed an entire colony of ants for a long while,
but it was worth it in the name of science and happy little boys!

Happy Friday, dear readers!

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