Friday, August 21, 2015

Wrinkled Toes

It is so strange to me that Lincoln is older than Wesley was when Lincoln was born.
Various health issues have delayed our plans to add to our family,
and Lincoln is saying good-bye to the baby stage and becoming a full-blown "big boy."

He is talking up a storm, circumventing any "baby-proofing" we have (such as baby gates), loving to play with his big brothers, and going potty on the toilet (although he's not yet fully potty-trained).
He'll be two in just a couple of weeks,
and sometimes I take a look at him and long to have a baby again.
But then I see those pudgy little toes, wrinkled from the water, and I can't help but kiss them
and hang on to the fact that he is still my baby.


  1. I know it is hard but, when you are feeling that it is time for another child to come into your family, it could be the spirit of that child telling you that he or she will be coming soon. I recently had a strong feeling that you will be pregnant before you know it. I always had feelings like that before my friend, Leslie would discover that she was pregnant. She was always amazed at how I was always right. I pray that I am right yet again. I also feel that a little girl will soon come into your family. I think the reason I sense these things is that I am so close to my friends and when we were also friends before coming to earth, I already know. And the children know that I am and they know how open I am to messages from heaven. That's the only thing I can figure. Fear not, Heavenly Father knows that you are a choice family and He will heal all of the health issues so more of His choice children will come to you.Maybe you just needed to wait for another special child that was meant to come just for you and Sam.

    1. Thanks, Cindy. :) I hope we have a girl someday, but for now I LOVE having all boys!!

  2. health issues are the WORST! Sending you love.


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