Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Bowls that Grandma Bought

On a typical spring afternoon during my senior year of high school,
my mom, my grandma, and I were walking through a local grocery store,
and there was a display of stainless steel bowl sets in the middle of an aisle.

As I would soon be headed off to college, I stopped to take a look.
5 stainless steel mixing bowls for just $9.99.
My grandma approved of my interest--"Stainless steel bowls are the best!" she said.
And with that she picked up the box and bought me my first set of bowls.

And now, as I use those shiny bowls almost daily,
I think of my grandma.
I think of her hands so often busy in the kitchen,
her famous chocolate sheet cake,
and the way she taught me of the beauty and practicality of stainless steel mixing bowls.
Although I have many sets of bowls, these are my favorite!

But more than that,
I think of her hands so often serving and lifting,
bringing comfort and support to those in need.
And I think of her desire to pass on the traits of hard work and perseverance to her posterity.
And I remember that afternoon in the grocery store,
and I want to use these bowls to pay tribute to the legacy she left behind.

Because these bowls represent so much more than just bowls.

Thanks, Grandma.
I miss you.

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