Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Showers

Summer is quickly slipping away.
I have been clinging to the days, wishing them to stay.
In many ways, it feels like I will be entering a new stage of life next week
as our oldest begins kindergarten.

This summer has been different than I expected in some ways,
but it's been one of our best summers yet.
The days have been filled with splash pad visits, trips to the pool, playing at the park, family reunions & activities, camping trips, holiday celebrations, bike rides, and lots and lots of backyard water play...
from the hose to the sprinklers to water squirters to mud puddles,
these little boys have thoroughly enjoyed that little backyard
with its big, beautiful tree covering half the area with shade
and soft, green, Utah-grass sprawling within the fenced boundaries.

Oh, how I love these simple days of discovery with my boys.

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