Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Moping No More

This morning I woke up grumpy
and a little frustrated.
I was slightly comforted to see gray skies and drizzling rain,
knowing I could mope with the weather.

But after a morning of melt-downs from my little ones,
I finally kicked myself in gear and we made some lemon-vanilla sugar cookies together.
And then I freely handed out pinches of cookie dough,
and told my very wide-eyed boys they could eat as many cookies as they wanted.
Because milk and cookies for lunch was just what we needed.

And then after naps
they gleefully ran into the backyard,
rain still sprinkling and an umbrella of clouds above,
and played to their hearts' content in a giant mud puddle.
Because sometimes you just need to say "yes" to mud puddles.

And then I smiled ruefully at their soaked clothes,
the wet footprints across the kitchen floor,
and the water toys strewn across the backyard
and started a warm shower for those happy little mess-makers.

And I was happy, too.


  1. I want to come puddle jumping at your house!!! I was feeling the same way as you yesterday. With Joe leaving and out of cell service for a week, I was just as weepy as the sky, and the rainy weather seemed perfect for my mood. It got better though after we took a walk after work :) I hear the playground was the place to be last night. There were kids in swimsuits having the time of their life over there. That grosses me out a tiny bit though hahaha

    1. You should totally come play with us! Or we could come with you on a walk tomorrow evening. We go stir-crazy without a car. :) And the playground...that sounds pretty awesome.


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