Thursday, August 20, 2015

Canning Jars

If you need me, I'll likely be in the kitchen.

This week is a big canning week.
I've been wanting to try my hand at canning chicken and when I saw a store ad for cases of chicken at a great price, the fact that I had about 400 pears waiting for me in the garage was simply a fleeting thought and I determined that now was the time to create our supply of canned chicken.
By Saturday night I may never want to see a canning jar again,
but that feeling is very temporary.
Few things satisfy me more than seeing all those glistening jars lined up on the shelves!

In Texas, when I would buy a large amount of produce to can, I often got funny remarks.
I thought moving to Utah would change that since canning is so much more normal in Utah.
But the funny remarks continue!
Today I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some more jars and the friendly bagger asked,
"What are you canning?"
"Chicken and pears," I replied.
"Chicken???" she asked with surprise and confusion.
"Yeah, you have to use a pressure canner, so it's not as common..." I trailed off lamely.
"Do you own chickens???" she asked.

It wasn't until later that I really thought about what that would mean--
raising chickens, killing them, plucking them, skinning them, de-boning them, and then canning them?
I'm so glad this isn't that intense!

Later in the day as I held up a very large piece of raw chicken,
Talmage looked at me, pulled a face, and said,
"It looks like a baby chicken. It looks like an embryo."
It was my turn to be surprised and confused.
"Doesn't it look like an embryo?" he questioned.
"Where did you learn the word 'embryo'?" I responded.
"In The Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk!" he replied as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Of course.

Cutting up the chicken became even more distasteful as I kept imagining the pieces being shaped like little embryo chickens.


  1. I'm always going to remember that story about "that's a lotta apples!!"

  2. Ha ha, and now peaches are ready early this year. You're going to have a fun week! ;)

  3. Ricky has an Aunt that is LDS and she was a master at canning. She used a pressure cooker to can everything. We will be getting one before heading to Alaska. While Ricky is gone prospecting I will be home canning and making jewelry, driving down the main road to Eagle and finding some gold with a gold detector. We will be able to get out of debt fairly quickly and build up a food storage large enough to feed my kids and grand-kids. The cabin we will have has a huge basement where we can store all of it. We will have to keep a heat source there in the winter to keep the food from freezing and in the summer it is cool there. I have never canned but I have watched someone doing it. I have a lot of friends there that do it so I will have help in learning. I am anxious to can smoked salmon. My little Talmage is so brilliant.


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